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Anna Mudeka, Founder of the Charity
Anna Mudeka, Founder of the Charity

The Mudeka Foundation was set up as a UK registered charity by Anna Mudeka in 2011. Her dream of setting up a charity took shape in 2005, with the aim of supporting a small group of orphans living in the township where she grew up.

Anna manages the charity in liaison with the Trustees, together with Jennifer Mudeka, the Foundation's co-ordinator in Zimbabwe.  Our Patron Alex Dunlop and accountant Jeremy Walton, both born and raised in Zimbabwe, complete the team. The smooth running of fundraising projects relies on the hard work and enthusiasm of a band of volunteers. 

In 2008, Anna set up a World Music Festival in Southburgh, near Dereham, Norfolk, to bring World Music to rural Norfolk through her Tambai Community Projects programme. The event attracts performers from across the world music scene, and visitors from Norfolk and beyond. Since 2015 the Mudeka Foundation's trustees and volunteers have run the bar as well as providing breakfast for the on-site campers. These Foundation activities raise money for the charity.

Meet the team


Anna Mudeka

Founder and Manager

I was born in Zimbabwe and have a passion for the music and dance of Zimbabwe and Sub-Saharan Africa. I run workshops all over the world including Singapore, Germany, Spain, the UK and in the east of England where I am based. I have been aiding children in Zimbabwe since 2005 by sending equipment and funding to children. I began the registered charity in 2011.


Alex Dunlop


I am news correspondent for BBC Look East, the BBC’s regional news programme for the Eastern Counties, and the BBC News Channel. I also present the lunch time and late evening news. Born in Zimbabwe, I spent most of my childhood in Africa and Israel. I have worked for the BBC for 30 years and am married to Susie Fowler-Watt, a BBC Look East presenter. We live in Norfolk with our daughter and son.  I am very proud of my Zimbabwean roots and to be Patron of the Mudeka Foundation.

Jennifer Mudeka

Jennifer Mudeka

Project Coordinator

I act as co-ordinator for the Mudeka Foundation in Zimbabwe. I am highly motivated and enjoy my role which includes delivering school fees, assessing prospective children for sponsorship, trouble-shooting, and liaising with the Foundation. Recently I have managed the Foundation's building projects at the Rugare and Muda schools.


Val Rutherford


I first met Anna Mudeka when I joined a Djembe drumming group. Little did I know that years down the line my love of music and all things African would lead me to become 1st Chairperson of the Mudeka Foundation. My involvement in Education over many years, both as a teacher and youth worker have given me some invaluable skills, insights and experiences which I hope benefit the Foundation.


Sophie Bremner

 Trustee and UEA student liaison officer

After having lived in Uganda whilst conducting research for my PhD, a country where I also met and married my husband, I started organising global crafts events in Norfolk, got to know Anna and became involved in Southburgh Festival. As an social anthropologist by training, and having studied and taught at the School of International Development at UEA, I was keen to be involved in the Mudeka Foundation and the work that it does to enable children in Zimbabwe to have a better future.

Zena Rowland Treasurer

Zena Rowland

Former trustee and treasurer

Sadly Mrs Zena Rowland, passed away in June 2020. Zena had been an enthusiastic supporter of the Foundation for many years before becoming treasurer. Zena was a good friend and colleague; we will miss her wisdom and compassion and her positive attitude in the face of any difficulty. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to her husband and son.

Joe Kelly, a chartered accountant and long term supporter of the Foundation has taken over the role of treasurer.


Elisabeth Louis

Trustee and education officer

My passion in life is children! I have two children and have taught in primary schools for over 30 years. My association with the Foundation grew from a drumming project in my school, and as a result in one year, my class raised over £1000 for the Foundation! I am married to Steve, we both love Zimbabwe and want to do everything we can to support the work of the Foundation. We love travelling, spending time with family, and chilling out together! We serve on the leadership team of Hope Community Church, Wymondham.


Margaret Boulton

Trustee and vice chair

Although I am now retired, my career as a research scientist involved collaborations with many scientists and students in Africa. It was through these students and my love of world music that I first met Anna. My previous work, my students, and my passion for travel, especially in Africa, made me acutely aware of how education can transform the lives of young people. I am privileged to have the opportunity to use my experience to help further the aims of the Mudeka Foundation to provide educational opportunities for orphaned children in Zimbabwe.


Gaetano Piccolo


In my career as a veterinary surgeon, welfare and compassion have played a very important role. I believe that all people should have the opportunity to improve their quality of life and as a trustee with the Mudeka Foundation I will be able to contribute to the wellbeing and education of children in Zimbabwe.


Vaughan Harrington

ZIPS co-ordinator

Anna taught me to play the djembe drum and gave me confidence to also perform. This  has given me countless fun and pleasure. After retiring as a trustee, I still wished to help bring about changes that I wish to see in the world and so I continue with the Mudeka Foundation in the role of child sponsorship (ZIPS) co-ordinator.


Annastasia and David with Jennifer

Additional expertise in Zimbabwe

Given the recent ambitious projects undertaken in Muda the Foundation has enlisted additional expertise from trusted people in Zimbabwe. Annastasia (a recent university graduate specialising in Human Resources) provides part-time IT assistance to Jennifer. David's landscaping experience helped us to ensure a timely, high quality, and cost-effective outcome for the Muda "Dig Deep" project.


Jeremy Walton


Steve Louis

Muda Food Security Project Manager










Holly, Hannah, Glynnis, Fani, Joe, Eve, Amy, Gintare, Bryony, Rosie

I was born and bred in Zimbabwe and was awarded a Bachelor of Accountancy degree at the University of Zimbabwe in 1981. As a committed Christian I fully support the work of the Mudeka Foundation in supporting orphans, and it is great to give something back to the education system of the country where I grew up.

One of the key drivers for my involvement with the Mudeka Foundation is seeing hope in the eyes of the grateful people in Zimbabwe with whom I have worked and formed strong and trusting relationships.

Managing the Muda classrooms building project (2013 - 2015) was a privilege, challenging and worth every effort.

For the last 7 years I have managed the sound and lighting for the main stage at the Southburgh Festival, one of the Foundation's main fund-raising events.

These are just a few of the volunteers and UEA project students who have given their time to help the Mudeka Foundation over the last four years.