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Helping menstruating girls

UNICEF estimates that 1 in 10 school-age African girls do not attend school during menstruation and the World Bank reports absences of approximately 4 days every month.

The provision of toilets at Muda school by the Foundation enabled more adolescent girls to attend school. However, lack of sanitary protection still meant that many felt unable to attend school during menstruation.

Commonly, women and girls in rural communities cannot afford sanitary protection. In 2016 we started a pilot project to supply 11 girls with re-usable pads ("MyPads") produced by a Zimbabwean womens’ co-operative. The funding, provided by a small group of Foundation supporters, is sufficient for 2017. The pads cost $5 per pack of three, and they last for approximately 1 year.

Feedback from the girls has been positive, and in 2018 we hope to extend this initiative to all the menstruating women in Muda village and to replace the first batch of pads.

If you would like to help fund this initiative, please contact us.

MyPads pilot scheme begins, 2016
MyPads pilot scheme begins, 2016
A pack of Mypads
A pack of Mypads
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