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In 2017 as part of our project towards sustainable food production at Muda school, Muda school asked us to help to fund a borehole connection and water storage tank at the school.

A convenient and dependable water supply was needed to allow the school to produce vegetables, eggs, and chickens to feed the pupils who were receiving food aid from the charity. However, water on tap will improve the lives not just of pupils, but also of teachers and local villagers.

We needed to raise approx £10,000 to drill a borehole, provide a solar-powered pump pump and 2 x 5,000 litre storage tanks before attempting to help with the poultry rearing project.

We can report that in April 2019, thanks to all our donors and managers, water is available from the tap near Muda school .

For more information about the project, please click here

If you would like to help with the final stages (egg and poultry production), please contact us.

School teachers and community leaders inspect Muda school's vegetable garden, October 2017. Water for this garden is currently carried from outside the school's grounds.