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A resume of new, ongoing and completed projects

2017 - Sanitary pads

According to (UNECSO) Estimates 72% of girls in Zimbabwe miss out on education due to their monthly cycle.

Thanks to a private donation this year the foundation are in a position to fund 100 girls with reusable sanitary pads made in Zimbabwe which last up to a year. We cannot start to imagine the difficulty of a girl child missing education in the western culture due to such issues. These girls miss out through something most of the world take for granted. Our aim is to make their lives more bearable without the embarrassment of spoiling uniforms, missing school and not having the right facilities within the school such as toilets to ease their problems. The cost for the pads is £5 and they are bought locally to help sustain the local economy.

 2018 - Assembly Point

By 2018 we would like to have raised £7000 to build a concrete assembly area at Rugare Primary School to avoid it getting muddy in the rainy season. Fundraise events are already in the pipe-line. If you would like to donate to the above projects or make a general donation please click here: Go cardelss/paypal/cheque?


Saw the completion of Muda Building Project with international support from individuals and businesses.

 We often get inspiring letters about the projects we carry out in Zimbabwe and would like to share them with you. Below is one such letter which gives us the drive we need to carry out the work we do.


A letter to the Mudeka Foundation

I hope my letter finds you well now I am in my third term of finishing my form three. Next year I will be doing my o-levels and I can’t wait to write them. All I wish is may god bless me.

Thank you so much for the wonderful thing you do to us, I don’t know if you were not here for us what we will do because life it seems to be so complicated in Zimbabwe.

 I wish may God bless me in my school so that I could live a Bettie life and also help others like you do Mudeka foundation. At school it seems to be so complicated sometimes, but no matter what I'm going to try my best. I need to achieve something big in my life.

 Thank you so much again now we are looking towards christmas time. I wish you a merry Christmas. May god bless you all

Thank you