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Anna Mudeka


Zimbabwean born, Anna Mudeka, has a passion for the music and dance of Zimbabwe and Sub-Saharan Africa. She professionally, runs workshops all over the world including Singapore, Germany, Spain, the UK and in the east of England where she is based. Anna has been aiding children in Zimbabwe since 2005, sending equipment and funding to children but began the registered charity in 2011.

Jennifer Mudeka

Jennifer Mudeka

Projects Manager Zimbabweounder & CEO

Jennifer acts as our co-ordinator in Zimbabwe. She is a highly reliable, motivated, caring personality who travels long distances to deliver school fees to the schools and find out more about prospective children to sponsor.


Alex Dunlop


Alex Dunlop is a senior reporter for BBC Look East, the BBC’s regional news programme for the Eastern Counties. He also presents the lunch time and late evening news. Born in Zimbabwe, Alex spent most of his childhood in Africa and Israel. Alex has worked for the BBC for 25 years and is married to Susie Fowler-Watt, a BBC Look East presenter. They live in Norfolk with their daughter and son. Alex Dunlop is Patron of the Mudeka Foundation and is very proud of his Zimbabwean roots.


Val Rutherford


I first met Anna Mudeka when I joined a Djembe drumming group. Little did I know that years down the line my love of music and all things African would lead me to become 1st Chairperson of the Mudeka Foundation. My involvement in Education over many years, both as a teacher and youth worker have given me some invaluable skills, insights and experiences which I hope benefit the Foundation.


Vaughan Harringtom


In my love of all music for years, I finally learnt to play something (djembe drum), and Anna was the person who taught me, and gave me confidence to also perform. This was far from my comfort zone of a day job as a Chartered Insurance Broker and has given me countless fun and pleasure. When Anna invited me to be a trustee, it was the least I could do for her and it also gave me the opportunity to do my best at being a part of a change that I wish to see in the world.


Elizabth Louis


Elisabeth’s passion in life is children! She has two of her own and has taught in primary schools for over 30 years. Her association with the Foundation grew from a drumming project in her school, and as a result in one year, her class of children managed to raise over £1000 for the Foundation! Elisabeth is married to Steve, and they both love Zimbabwe and want to do everything they can to support the work of the Foundation. They love travelling, spending time with family and chilling out together! They both serve on the leadership team of Hope Community Church, Wymondham.

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Margaret Boulton


Although I am now retired, my career as a research scientist involved collaborations with many scientists and students in Africa. It was through these students and my love of world music that I first met Anna. My previous work, my students, and my passion for travel, especially in Africa, made me acutely aware of how education can transform the lives of young people. I am privileged to have the opportunity to use my experience to help further the aims of the Mudeka Foundation to provide educational opportunities for orphaned children in Zimbabwe.

Zena Rowland Treasurer

Zena Rowland


I managed a small family business for many years. I have had a life long interest in all things creative and, in time, this led me to an awareness of African music and rhythms. A visit to Africa in the early part of this century made me aware of the value of education to the children of Africa and how the children of Africa value such an opportunity. I have, from the sidelines, supported the Mudeka Foundation from its inception and am now grateful to be given the opportunity to help in a more formal way.